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1.2Components of Referencing
In-text citation
It is mostly used each time you refer to the ideas or information obtained from another source. The Harvard style requires the use of a partial reference to the sources you are referring to in the text of your document. This type of citation can be in a format of author-date or name-date enclosed in brackets. E.g. (Marie 2015); (Miler Cross University 2001)
Reference List
Reference list should identify an item in enough details so that others can locate and consult it. This makes things easier for those that will like to consult or locate the exact information you have gathered. The list of items can either be a book, journal article, Report, DVD etc. The reference list usually appears at the end of the document. References cited in text must appear in the reference list and vise versa. The only exceptions to this rule are personal communications and classical works.

The order of which the reference list should use only the initial(s) of the author’s given name with titles having minimal capitalization.

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Titles are italicized unless they are a component of a larger work, then the larger work is italicized, and the smaller work is within single quotes (see example).

Place of publication: use only the first listed place when there are multiple places of publication. If a publication place is little known or shares its name, you can add the state or country
Most commonly refers to a list containing the sources used in developing a publication and any other sources the author considers might be of use or interests to readers or including all the sources you read (but not cited) in preparing the article/essay/document. This heading may be used in more substantial publications (e.g. theses, books, etc.).

In bibliography you include the author’s surname and initials, year of publication, page number, volume number, year of publication, publisher and the place of publication. This all depends if one is referencing a book, journal, newspaper article, magazine article. If you are referencing an article you will include the URL and the date of which you viewed the page.

2.2 Intext referencing
– According to Martin and Nakayama (2007:4) it is from narratives of such relationships that we learn a tremendous amount about other people and their cultures and about and our own cultural background.

– According to Neuliep (2012:24) intercultural communication occurs between people of different cultures and involves a minimum of 2 persons from different cultures.

– According to Neuliep(2012:xiii) the approach is based on the idea that whenever people from different cultures come together and exchange verbal and non-verbal messages they do so within a variety of context including a cultural micro-cultural ,environmental, socio-relational and perceptual context.

– Martin and Nakayama (2007) as a field of study, intercultural communication concentrates on intercultural relationships based on the dynamics at work in those intercultural interactions’

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