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4.1.2 Sociographic segmentation
As an extension on the conventional methods of segmentation, digital marketing introduces a new type of data that captures the attitudes, characteristics, behavior, and most importantly, motivations of customers online. This is termed, Socialgraphics. An understanding of the audience’s social graphics allows us as marketers to design internet marketing strategies that attract and retain customers in different online venues.

The following are the key questions that Socialgraphics ask?
1. Where, online, are the customers operating at/from?
Firstly, it is found out where the customers are online. Knowing which websites they are participating at, will reduce guessing. One should not aimlessly approach social networks without knowing if they are there.
2. What are the customers’ social behaviors online?
This prompts one to find out how they use social technologies. Could it be sharing? Do they only comment? Or do they use is to create their own content? The answers to the questions raised here allow one to select which social features to deploy.
3. What social information or other people do the customers rely on?
The data found here helps with determining resource allocation on advocacy programs. Once this has been ascertained, a marketing program that encourages customers to share with others can be put in place.
4. What are the customers’ social influences and who trusts them?
If the customers are trusted by others, they are highlighted in front of the community that they are in.
5. How do customers use social in the context of one’s products?
One should be confident in their resource allocation by understanding when customers rely on social tools or their peers in pre-sales, awareness, decision making, implementation, or support of a product.
The results from these questions, allow us to determine the following;
? Internet use data
? Mobile use data
? Goals and motivation
? Behavior
? Emotional and psychological needs. (5)

Once all of these questions have been answered, they can be plotted on what is referred to the Engagement Pyramid. This pyramid simply depicts different areas where potential customers could be positively located and easily targeted. Use of this type of segmentation method, helps companies, their agency partners, and business units to be more effective in their planning and deployment, with the result that risks from deploying without having knowledge are reduced. A model of the Engagement Pyramid that appears underneath, was used to categorize potential clients. This would serve as a platform for segments to be specifically targeted.

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