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Advantages & disadvantages of federal, unitary, and confederate governments.

Unitary government is otherwise known as the central government. Some advantages of this form of government are having control, it is unified or together, and having almost all the power. But a disadvantage of this is that it’s almost like a dictator and having a one sided agreement, which never ends well. For example, in the united kingdom they have a central or unitary government.

Federal government is what us Americans have. The advantages of the federal government are increased involvement with citizens, protection from tyranny, and many more. Yet, with advantages comes the disadvantages. Some disadvantages of federal government are protection of slavery and segregation, inequalities between states, and giving states the choice to block national policies. For example, as stated in this article by Ryan Wiseman, “States can fight against the existence of certain national laws by challenging them in court, or going out of their way to not enforce those national laws, or even deliberately obstructing enforcement of national laws.” Which makes it clear on what states ability to block national policies is.

Confederate government is

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