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All souls was a first autobiographical memoir written by Michael Patrick Macdonald which became a national bestseller. This memoir is about Macdonald’s life growing up in housing projects called Old Colony in South Boston. Macdonald explains the hard nature of the neighborhood, and the horrible things that occur there and that it does to people. Also, he writes about the drugs, violence and crime in his neighborhood in the years following Boston’s busing riots and of his siblings death. MacDonald’s purpose of writing this memoir was to cultivate the reader to correspond with his viewpoints. The purpose could be also shown in a way of finally letting out the reality. The neighborhood, racism, and drugs are the three main themes and concepts that affected Macdonald’s family’s specific events in this book. All Souls is a testimony to lives lost too soon to violence and drugs, and the story of how a place so filled with pain can still be the best place in the world.

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