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As a conclusion, Munchy Delivery Services established of on-demand apps is to match demand and supply in the fastest way possible. Munchy Delivery Service is prioritizing speed and convenience to the users as it is applied to on-demand delivery services. Moreover, on-demand delivery offers a number of benefits for both company and customers.
Munchy Delivery Services usually takes from 10 minutes to 3 hours to execute an order depending on the type of service that the users want to. Yet, the order placement takes just a few taps so that the process is easy and convenient for both runner and the customer. Munchy Delivery Service relies mostly on independent contractors using their own form of transportation as the company doesn’t need to hire full-time couriers or take care of their logistics unlike the traditional delivery providers. Ever since the Munchy Delivery Service established 80% of the people using on-demand apps being able to save their own money on delivery.

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