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At the point when Brutus says “Not that I cherished Caesar less, but rather that I adored Rome more.” (III.ii.26) he implies that he trusts his activities are for the advantage of the Republic not to enhance his position. Amid Brutus’ discourse at Caesar’s burial service, he uncovers his thought process “I respect him; at the same time, as he was goal-oriented, I slew him.” (III.ii.26) He tells the Romans they are better with Ceasar dead since in the event that they would “rather Caesar were living and bite the dust all slaves, than that Caesar were dead, to experience all freemen?” (III.ii.21-24). Brutus trusts that Caesar would have transformed the freemen of Rome into his slaves and consequently was not the best pioneer for Rome. Cassius should likewise persuade Brutus that Caesar’s murder is great.

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