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ates that the welfare of the participants should be every researcher’s goal of any clinical trial. The movie “Miss Ever’s Boys”, the U.S. Public Health Service did not mind the welfare of the participants. To start with, this study was to study a sexually transmitted disease called syphilis but not to provide its cure. Before involving anyone in this study, the U.S. Public Health Secghv vvvhg vvhvhvhvhvhv hv gh vvvv. v gvvcghv c c c chg yv v jy v hgvgv vvcc c cgcgcjcvb,jk vk v vb bhjb iu iug g g y g. v jyvtvv c g j b kbnb n, nh nn ,mn .nn bb bvyvtcrxfvk. y jfb mg m. g j vcjty fg f. f

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