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Brandon Enzor
Mrs. McDowell
18, Sunday February 2018
Seeking Self-Esteem Through Surgery
In the article “Seeking Self-esteem Through Surgery”, Camille Sweeney discusses three topics on plastic surgery. First, there are positive and negative of plastic surgery, the positive of plastic surgery is that the person that was born with birth effect should have surgery and fix it before they get older, then the bullying comes in if you don’t fix it in time. When you get done with procedure is done they feel more less overall anxiety. The negative of plastic surgery it cost a lot to do plastic surgery. The risk of the procedure that you wanted won’t go way you planned it to. Then, American society of teenagers age eighteen year or older surgery increase 1997 to 2007. Two teenagers age of eighteen-year-old died from plastic surgery Amy Fledderman dead over fat embolism syndrome and Stephine Kuleba dead over breast augmentation. Last,

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