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However, it is the fact that the SRAM cell (ie, 6T) is usually
built using two cross coupling inverters and the value modified in
a stored node can also activate the positive feedback mechanism to flip the state to another sensitive node so that an error occurs in
memory Because this corrupt information can be completely recovered from
overwriting operations, this phenomenon is also reported as smooth
of mistake.
In general, with the resizing of the CMOS process technology, the SRAM cells
are more vulnerable to this reliability challenge due to the increase
density, reduction of critical load and reduction of supply
voltage. Therefore, the solidity of the soft error with the hardened radiation
Design techniques (RHBD) are an increasingly important prerequisite
in aerospace applications for the reasons described above and
cosmic radiation environment more complex and proposing
is the new high efficiency and high reliability RHBD memory cell
it is necessary.

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