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In the 2006 article “The Movies That Rose from the Grave,” Max Brooks, explains the outbreak of Zombies in today’s world has made a huge impact to our society. Zombies are being portrayed in movies, books, video games, and television shows like Walking Dead. Max Brooks, mentions Zombies have dominated mainstream horror for more than half a decade. The story of Zombies originated as myths, tall tales and can be traced back to West Africa. The first Zombie movie, White Zombie, was released in 1932. During this time period, a Zombie was a living person that was made to act as a corpse. With the release of George A. Romero’s movie, Night of the Living Dead, in 1968, the notion of a Zombie changed drastically. In this movie, Zombies were portrayed as people who had risen from the dead and terrorized society. Zombies destroyed the brain of their living victims and lived off of human flesh. Their main purpose was to destroy human society. George Romero changed the Zombie perspective and gave it a whole new meaning. George Romero developed computer games such as Resident Evil and House of the Dead, more people were joining the Zombie craze. More zombie movies were created and the following increased. Even today, Zombies have continued to be a dominating force in the movie, television, and video game industry. Max Brooks discusses how current events over the past six years have influenced the type of entertainment consumers seek. Over the past six years tragic events such as terrorism, war, viral outbreaks, and weather related disasters have dominated our lives and the news. In today’s society, filmmakers use character such as zombies to escape from the anxiety created from real life threats. Society relies on fictional characters such as Zombies to escape the realities of the world knowing what happens will never happen in real life. People use fictional events and characters to escape from real life events and stresses, even for just a short time. There have been other fictional horror characters such as vampires and monsters, but these characters have not continued to dominate in a way that zombies have. Inclusion, It is unclear how long the zombie trend will continue, but as the years continue to pass, zombie shows continue to grow in creativity with modern filmmakers that expand their imagination.

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