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In the poem, Clancy of the Overflow A.B. Patterson depicts his visions of the Australian countryside as a euphoric and wild place. Patterson shows his representation of the country though his imagination of Clancy droving. “For the drover’s life has pleasures that the townsfolk never know” Patterson shows his love for the country in this quote by telling the readers that the country is more pleasurable than the town, he shows his emotions towards the country as euphoric with more to do there. “And the bush hath friends to meet him… kindly voices greet them” Patterson uses a lexical chain to display the idea that the atmosphere of the country is a friendly and homelike. Patterson talks about the freedom and friendship that the country encompasses throughout the poem and depicts the Australian country to be the centre of an Australian experience.

Up the country by Henry Lawson shows an opposing view to Clancy of the Overflow by depicting the outback as an inhumane experience.

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