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INTRODUCTION: The day by day pollution in the environment is continuously increasing due to increase of factories, vehicles, plastic usage and daily requirements. There has been a lot of research in this field. One of the alternative for the reduction of pollution due to vehicles is usage of electric vehicles.

DESCRIPTION: The continuous usage of fuels by vehicles leads to the increase of air pollution and exhaustion of the reserves of fuel. ?Delhi
? is one of the best example for the air pollution due to vehicles. There has been a good advancement in technology that led to invention of vehicles that run by electricity to encounter for these situations.But the modern requirements that are met by them are very less. ?Tesla
? is the first company that has launched its vehicles which meet the modern requirements and they have been advancing a lot in this field. In the next decade we will be able to observe drastic increase in the usage of e-vehicles and hybrid vehicles. Few of the countries are advancing rapidly towards electrification.Sweden has opened the first electric road in the world. Most of the top companies such as Audi, BMW released their electric vehicles. The modern electric car capacity has reached upto a travel distance of 200 miles per charge of the vehicle. Even the heavy motor vehicles are on this segment recently.In India only locomotives mainly use electricity to run them. It is still in starting stage in case of road transport vehicles.

CONCLUSION: The electric vehicles is one of the best solution for the reduction of emissions from the vehicles. But there is also another factor that causes pollution due to electric vehicles. ?The increased use of electric vehicles will require more production of electricity which is produced by causing pollution which contributes as indirect factor. The batteries which has to be disposed after some time causes pollution too which will be a long term cause.

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