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Plagiarism is “taking credit for work that is not yours”. So in this essay, I’ll be talking about plagiarism, the different types of plagiarism and the consequence if a person plagiarise and what will happen to them. I’ll be confessing why people plagiarise now and how easy it is to do in this century because it was harder to plagiarise before the computers. It’ll also include why people feel to do it. The essay will show the disadvantages and advantages. The assigner who will read this essay will realised the disadvantages are way greater than the advantages. This will clarify that plagiarism is wrong and not really worth to do because the consequences are very extreme.

Main body 
There’s many reason why people will plagiarise. It’s just very easy to do. A student could be finishing a 1,000 words essay three days before the deadline. Last minute, another student could copy a full website and taking full credit for it. Sometimes they get away. It’s just very easy to do. 25 years ago, stealing work wasn’t so easy like now. The olden days, it will take hard work to plagiarise a piece of work. First, the person needs to go to the library, find any material to plagiarise, retype those sources and create it into a piece of work which an individual could call it its own. Now, in the 21st century. We got phones, laptops and computer to find information. With one click of a button, we can copy and paste a full 2,000 words essays.

There are many reason why a person will plagiarize and these are the reasons. 
Lack of self-esteem. As I previously said before, it’s very easy to do. The student wouldn’t be confident with his work, copy someone who they feel would be better and save 3hours of their time but then if the teachers finds out. It’s a life destroyer. It’s very strange to think people wouldn’t feel sure about their academic skill set and risk their future just to plagiarise. It’s the pressure. We ultimately hate it when a dead line date is coming closer.  
Don’t Care / Laziness The person isn’t really taking the assignment serious and think it’s pointless until the assignment deadline comes nearer and they feel to copy someone else’s work. Simply put, when the person sees the value in a work, their work ethic improves and they’re much less likely to plagiarize.  
However, sometimes the student doesn’t get enough time, the evil conscience gets into their head and convinced them to plagiarism. 
But the real reason why people do it, is because they know someone who plagiarise successfully and got away with it. The knowledge is pretty straightforward, why do hours of work when you can complete an assignment in 10mins just by copying and pasting.  Many people plagiarize simply because they can and that’s the end of it. 
 Disadvantage. 1) The student finish the assignment but his friend needed some work. If the teacher realises the assignment is the same or familiar. Both of the student will get the same consequences. 2) The students who don’t plagiarise will gain all the knowledge of the subject and the ones who do won’t make any progress. 
Advantages. The student copied a full essay off a website and the teacher didn’t pay attention on the marking and believe it’s their own work. So they got away with it and this happens often.

Academic Integrity in High School they did a survey about many people that plagiarize in their lifetime. “In a survey of 24,000 students at 70 high schools, Donald McCabe (Rutgers University) found that 64 percent of students admitted to cheating on a test, 58 percent admitted to plagiarism and 95 percent said they participated in some form of cheating, whether it was on a test, plagiarism or copying homework.”
These are the four different types of plagiarism:
Direct Plagiarism; is when someone copies word for word off another person’s piece of work, without quotation marks and without attribution. The deliberate plagiarism of someone else’s work is unethical, academically dishonest, and grounds for disciplinary actions, including expulsion Examples
Self-Plagiarism is when a student copies a piece of work of their own from a previous assignment to save time by not making a new one. They’ll need permission if they want to use it or it’ll be marked as self-plagiarism. They could mix parts of their previous work to save time. For example, it would be unacceptable to incorporate part of a term paper you wrote in secondary into a paper assigned in a college course.

Mosaic Plagiarism; when a person uses another students phrases from a source without applying quotation marks or finds a synonyms from a book while keeping the same original structure. People usually call it “patch writing,” this kind of paraphrasing, whether it’s on purpose or not, is academically dishonest and punishable – even if the student footnote the source Examples
Accidental plagiarism is when a student unintentionally gives in work without quotes or showing the assigner the reference or unintentionally paraphrases a source by using groups of words, similar words or sentence structure without attribution. Students should be careful the way they use their sources from books, or websites because accidental plagiarism is taken in serious and could get you kicked off the course.
The consequences for plagiarism are taken very seriously, the work could get destroyed, can get you expelled from the course, or even expulsion from the whole college/school. The worst plagiarism can results in legal action. of plagiarism consequences. “Britney Spears was also sued for plagiarism. This plagiarism scandal came to light in 2005, when songwriter Steve Wallace filed a lawsuit against Spears and Sony/BMG Music Publishing, Inc., by claiming that the song, ‘Sometimes’ was actually written by him and not Britney Spears.” This was a million dollar law suit. summarise my essay, I’ve explained the different types of plagiarism and why people plagiarism. My essay says people just plagiarise because it’s very easy to do and easy to access any type of source so it’ll save them time to make a new one. However, plagiarism is taking very serious and lead to legal action.

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