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Light and dark are used metaphorically to describe states of mind in Romeo and Juliet.
Light is used to describe the blind rage of Romeo.
After Romeo has learnt that Tybalt has killed Mercutio, Romeo describes himself as letting his “fire-eyed fury be his conduct now”(3.1.86 Shakespeare).
Light is used here to help convey Romeo’s state of mind, as the light of the fire is blinding him from his rational thought, putting him in a blind state of fury.
Similarly, Juliet uses darkness to blind others from her love.
Juliet begs the night to “spread thy close curtain” so “that runaway’s eyes may wink and Romeo leap to these arms … unseen”(3.2.5-6 Shakespeare).
Juliet wants the darkness to blind other people so that she can be with Romeo all alone.

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