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Psychology, is the study of behavior and mental processes on why organisms do what they do and how they behave in a distinct manners, For example when we stereotype people, we characterize a series of traits based on history or specific traits that signal their position in a particular group or society; What is the cause to our prejudice mindset?
People categorize information in order to interact and react with things surrounding us, unfortunately, this also leads to prejudice thinking. Humanity needs to be able to place not only people but, ideas, and objects, we do this in order to manage or understanding on humanity based on factors comparable to age, sex, and race. Minimizing a series of differences between people into certain groups.
Additionally, another cause of discrimination is through family and how we are raised. Living in a household with minimal open views to another race, a child could grow to have the same mindset, accepting its permitted to be prejudice, unfortunately, this could also lead to derogatory comments potentially being transferred into the public or at school worsening the effects of prejudice.
Not only does family have a huge effect on prejudice thought but the media also has an effect on children. Media is a way for people to stay connected to the world We are engaged to the media affecting our thoughts on how we view something and this is no exception to prejudice thoughts. On television shows, there are little stereotypes. Children are easily influenced and spend an enormous amount of time watching the television. When shown that one race is more dominant, it creates a negative thinking towards other ethnicities. This stereotype the media portrays through our favorite television shows can make a child become close-minded and prejudiced.
Moreover, the prejudiced mindset will consistently be a major societal problem because it takes on many attributes that are both visible and nonvisible in today’s society having negative effects on many people even when asked to be to be unbiased.

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