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The greatest pagan festival was Modraniht, or “Morther night,” which took place on the winter solstice on December 25th. It is thought that this Yule festival, as it is also known. It involved decorating the evergreen branches, burning of a Yule log, and a feast centered around a boar’s head. Mother Night marked the beginning of the Anglo-Saxon year. The next festival is inn Solmonap, the Anglo-Saxon name for February. This festival involved baking of special cakes that may have had symbolic significance and the cakes were offered to the gods.
March was the time of the year Anglo-Saxons would make sacrifices to the goddess Hreda, but the more important spring festival appears to have been Eostur-monath Aprilis, a festival dedicated to the goddess Eostre. Celebrating spring and new life, the festival of Eostre involved flowers, feasting and dancing. The month of septmeber was known as Halegmonath, or “Holy Month.

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