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Very High Frequency radio tracking has been used widely by scientist since 1963 (Cochran, W. W., and R. D. Lord, Jr. 1963. A radio-tracking system for wild animals. Journal of Wildlife Management 27:9–24.). It was initially the original first-time practise used to track individual animals from far distances. For accurate use of the VHF radio tracking, a radio transmitter is attached onto the animal. Usually, the animal is first sedated and whilst the animal is sleeping, the scientists will do over all observations and health checks on the animal to check their condition and to gather further information. As a result of the device being attached to the animal, it begins transmitting a signal to a radio antenna/receiver. In order to trace an animal by means of VHF radio tracking, scientists must be near the animal with the radio antenna so they can pick up signals from the radio transmitter on the animal.

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